Lessons that last a lifetime.

Mozart's Piano Studio

Katy-Fulshear Piano Studio provides in-person and virtual, one-on-one, private piano lessons focusing on classical technique, music theory & artistic development for elementary to late-intermediate students.

Each private piano lesson is personalized to the individual goals, interests, strengths and personality of each student. No two lessons are the same! While classical music serves as the foundation for our curriculum, we encourage students to explore other genres for recital and "for fun" performances. 

At developmentally appropriate times, students will be introduced to scales, sight reading, ear training (aural tests), music theory, music history and piano repertoire of various periods. There are also recital, competition and examination opportunities available through Con Brio, Texas Music Teachers Association (TMTA) and Music Teachers National Association (MTNA).

We believe ALL songs should be played with both head (technical) knowledge AND heart knowledge. We train all of our students to connect with FEELING to their music to create music that brings JOY to them and their loved ones. 


The journey to more confidence, creativity and academic achievement begins with your student's very first piano lesson.